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Founded in 1908, BoCOM is one of the Banks with the longest history and was one of the note-issuing banks in China in the past. The Bank ranked No. 13 among the global top 1,000 banks in terms of Tier 1 Capital rated by the London-based magazine, The Banker in 2016, entering the Fortune World’s Top 500 Enterprises for eight straight years and ranked No. 153 in 2016.

BoCOM HCMC Branch celebrated its grand opening on 28th February 2011. It is the 8th overseas branch of BOCOM. HCMC Branch are mainly engaged in conducting wholesale business and providing financial services for enterprises and public institutions, and also support personal banking services. The business covers: bank deposits, money remittances, loans, trade settlements, bank guarantees, financial management.


Candidate Resume Requirement

请将你的简历(英文或中文),寄送至This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please write your resume in english or chinese, and mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

hr contact phone:08 39369988 Ext 618 Mr.Wang, Ext 617 Ms. Dieu



Trade Finance Specialist






1. Handling the review of International settlement, trade finance (letters of credit, import financing, forfeiting, local trade finance) , review of anti-money laundering inquiry, related product development and customer marketing maintenance;

2. Handling the review of Chinese domestic branches trade finance business, related product development and customer marketing maintenance;

3. Correspondent relationship maintenance, anti-money laundering investigation and response, related Swift message processing;

4. Reports and statements related to the above work, business records management.


1. 熟悉国际结算及贸易融资业务的国际惯例 (UCP600),规章制度,操作流程;能够独立处理信用证,跟单托收,保函等国际业务的单证审核及系统操作;

2. 熟悉SWIFT代理行工作流程;

3. 至少两年以上相关岗位工作经验,获得CDCS证书者优先.

1. Familiar with the international practice of international settlement and trade finance business (UCP600), the rules and regulations, operating procedures; able to independently handle letters of credit, documentary collection, guarantees and other international business operation;

2. Familiar with SWIFT correspondent bank workflow;

3. At least two years of related working experience, person who get CDCS certificate is preferred.