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BOCOM offers a variety of financing solutions to meet your business needs so you can achieve the goals that matter to you.

1. Business development background

Being challenged by the growing financial market of Vietnam, financing services are becoming more and more diversified. Currently most of Vietnamese enterprises still approach commercial banks to get financial support by means of traditional financing tools. Meanwhile commercial banks have been constantly seeking new financing solutions for innovating their products and services to satisfy the changing financial requirements of clients.  

2. Service Function and Feature Description

Bank of Communications provides you with professional financial services to meet your funding requirements in your day-to-day business operations, to assist you to improve your cash flow and financial status, to lower financial cost for better funds management, and to improve assets liquidity. In addition, BOCOM actively responds to the demand of financial market, innovates and provides you with appropriate new products and services, which support you to strengthen you assets liquidity and profitability, to achieve diversified assets management, to expand your cooperation in the industry, to comprehensively improve your competitiveness and market recognition.

3. Principal Products

Based on traditional lending approach, BOCOM provides you with financial services which cover foreign currencies and Vietnamese Dong lending, various guarantees, Standby Letter of Credit, A/C receivables finance, medium and long-term loan etc. With the support of capital market instruments and financing scheme as well as structural financing, we also aim at characteristics of different industries to satisfy our customers’ individualized requirements.

4. Co-operation prospect between Bank and Enterprise:

In order to adapt to the rapid development of the financial market, BOCOM has implemented a comprehensive transformation strategy. We focus on customer orientation to seek for innovative development. We have gradually expanded our relationship from indirect financing to direct financing, assisting our clients to lower financial cost, to effectively manage financial operations and control, and to achieve win-win for both customer and BOCOM. 

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