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Cash management is the effective prediction, control and management of the cash flow of an enterprise, including  raising available cash flow position with the most reasonable cost to avoid liquidity deficit, mitigating transaction risk, maintaining better control over cash balance, intensively allocating cash resources, optimizing cash (liabilities) finance and investment, controlling across-boarder cash flow etc. BOCOM can satisfy the foregoing demands of customers and contribute to clients’ profit maximization.

1. Business development background

Bank of Communications pays high attention to exploration of customer’s potential needs, business development plan and product function exploitation. We also have invested a huge amount of resources in IT construction to enhance our product performance and service level.

2. Service Function and Feature Description

Our product series in cash management system provide you with unique functions to administrate your accounts and working capital, effectively accumulate and allocate internal resources, stabilize and increase funds value, improve the flexibility of cash flow and enhance the level of financial management. In addition, those products may help apply the conclusive financial management in the whole group to achieve both liquidity and profitability of the group.

3. Principal Products

- Current account

- Time Deposit

- Collection

- Remittance

4. Co-operation prospect between Bank and Enterprise

Cash management services at BOCOM will help you accelerate your cash flow and information transmitting, increase your cash productivity and lower operating cost. We commit to closely cooperate with you to provide more tailored products and financial solutions to you.

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