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Dear the Customers,

We kindly inform you the following contents:

1. Due to an unexpected situation related to Covid-19 pandemic has happened in the area including this office of our Bank, for the health safety of all employees and all customers, we have decided to temporarily move all our business operations to our Backup Center, with the specific information as below:

o Address: 5th floor, No. 32A Quang Trung Software City, Ward Tan Chanh Hiep, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
o Tel: +84 28 39369988 - Fax: +84 28 39369955

2. As the consequence of the above force majeure, we kindly inform you that:

At the aforementioned Backup Center, our Bank will be only able to provide the following services:

- The foreign and domestic bank transfer, with your request sent to our Bank via the means: Internet Banking, Fax or Email (as you have registered with our Bank);
- The credit and trade-finance related activities;
- The purchase and sale of foreign currency via your payment accounts opened at our Bank;
- The inquiry via Internet Banking for the information of balance and implemented transactions on your payment accounts opened at our Bank.

We would like to express hereby our sincere apologize to you for this inconvenience. Our Bank will try the best to recover the operation of this office back to normal situation, and we will inform you directly right at that time.

This Notice is also posted and will be continuously updated on our Bank’s official website: http://www.bocomm.com.vn

 Thank you for your understanding,



General Manager